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2023 Dream & Interpretation

On September 11, 2023 I had a dream about mantles and doors. There were all these doors and people wanted to walk through them but didn’t know which one to choose. Also, there were all of these mantles and people were literally fighting over the mantles.


Here is a word of caution, don’t just walk through a door because of the money, the clout or the platform. Wait for God to confirm it in your spirit, which means to bear witness. and be affirmed/ordained. Mantles are not just for the taking in the Kingdom of God they must be passed on. In order to catch something you have to be around long enough. You have to study, be willing to watch, learn, listen and hear. You have to qualify for a mantle. However, what happens often is that we have self made Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. 


I am releasing new mantles and opening new doors; yet closing many (doors of decay, bondage and doors or demonic oppression). For many of you I asked you to close the door to familiar spirits in your bloodline but your pride wouldn't let you. GET IT RIGHT saith the Lord for the generations to come are on the line and you hold the key. Choose wisely saith the Lord! 


Stop fighting over mantles that you are not equipped to handle nor carry. Do you know how long it took for me to prepare David, Esther, Joseph and the like to rule and reign. You don't want the mantle, you want the title and the recognition (accolades) but that will be your reward. 

I need servants in this hour (bondservants) not self made gods who glorify themselves.

Walk humbly with Me saith the Lord.

*Please note that all  hotel accomodations are the responsibility of the participants.



Evangelist Wanda S. Briscoe is a native of St. Mary’s County, Maryland.  Wanda was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, and she was the first person in her family to be diagnosed with this life-threatening disease. Wanda did not see breast cancer as a death sentence, and she started educating others about the disease.  She wrote her first book in 2012, called “The Fight Within”, which is about her breast cancer journey. In 2014, Wanda co-wrote a book called “The Art of Activation” with 23 authors from around the country.  Wanda has had the opportunity to grace the cover of three magazines, Southern Maryland Women (2014 & 2021) and Gospel 4 U (2015), for her breast cancer awareness. Wanda is an entrepreneur, and her first business is Mariposa Enterprises, LLC.  Wanda is a Certified Forgiveness Coach and  a Certified Grief and Loss Counselor. She is also the Founder of Warrior Media Productions. Evangelist Wanda will soon launch her non-profit organization called Healing Hearts International, which will counsel and help people heal from the trauma of cancer, grief, loss, and unforgiveness.

Apostle Diahanna Wright, a servant of the Lord, a Worshipper, a Handmaiden of the Father, the Visionary of Alabaster Healing Ministries, and P.A.G.A. Intercession Ministries. She conducts monthly liturgical dance classes for adults and children teaching them how to effectively dance strategically and foundation techniques where Holy Spirit ushers in HIS presence. Apostle Diahanna travels globally ministering prophetically through worship in dance. She loves God's people and has a passion to see them healed, delivered, and set free into wholeness. Diahanna is a sent one into whatever environment God releases her to. She has an anointing for prophetic psalmist, she yields to Holy Spirit to move in the power and anointing of God. Her passion is prophetic evangelism where she demonstrates the power of Holy Spirit on the streets. Apostle Diahanna is an overcomer and an advocate of domestic violence, thus her first book was birthed: "You Don't Know the Cost of My Oil." She is also the author of several other books: “Pitfalls of Worship in Dance”, “Rain” and “Come Close,” “The Fragrance of Hannah’s Prayer,” and soon to come “There is an Anointing in the Field.” She is the mother of 2 sons (Derrick and Delonte) and she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren Jeremiah, Katalaya and Khalil.

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A native Washingtonian, Nina embraces her passion for ministry to touch lives and encourage others with words and actions. She is an active member at First Baptist Church. Nina is widely known for her melodic voice---on and off stage. Nina has written and arranged songs for books and plays, ministered in song at major events and conferences, interviewed on Internet and radio programs, and performed on cruise ships.  Nina sang on the Reach Project, “Reaching the Nations” recording; was a recipient of the Excellence in Christian Music Award and Prayze Factor People’s Choice Award; guest artist on “Bobby Jones Presents”, and; toured nationally and internationally.  Nina's recording projects include: “Nina … Still Giving Him Praise,” “Break Free Nina,”  “Lord, Why is There So Much Pain in the Church,” “Nuggets of Gold CD featuring the single “I Am” and, single “All the Way with Jesus.”  However, Nina is not just a singer, songwriter, and actress, but a WORSHIPPER. Nina's community service includes, ministering and performing at senior nursing and rehabilitation facilities; preparing meals at the Ronald McDonald House; preparing/distributing care packages for homeless and partnering with the Marine Corps Toys for Tots campaign. In 2021, she founded NCMinistries, Inc. a Christian-based, 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization for women in the Metropolitan area.  NCM's signature program, Women of Faith supports and encourages women through various empowerment activities based on biblical principles.  She is happily married to her husband, Carl of 37 years. Together, they' have four adult children, and five grandchildren.  

Tatum Temia Ayomike, is an award-winning entrepreneur, executive producer, author, and devoted Christian who has committed her life to help women bridge the gap between faith and business. Her impact as the CEO of Anchored Media includes a global reach of millions of listeners across 100+ produced podcast shows in just 2 years. Through her personal brand, Tatum has cultivated a community of businesswomen who give God full authority to use their business as a vessel for the Kingdom. Using the word of God as her platform, Tatum's prayer journal and published books offer instrumental guidance to ‘boss up’ in any entrepreneurial venture. Tatum has been featured in several magazines and publications and has been named as a Top 30 under 30 in the Washington, DC area. 


Dr. Janice Denise Payne is the founder and CEO of Janice Payne Ministries. She is amorous, outspoken, bold, transparent and free. With her no-nonsense style, Janice travels extensively delivering bold, Bible-based messages that bring truth and transformation both in and outside of the church. She is an educator and a compassionate person who is dedicated to helping people spiritually and socially. Her two favorite scriptures are Isaiah 6:7 and Numbers 23:19, but, she stands firmly on Psalms 37. Prophetess Janice and her husband, Deacon Eugene Payne have experienced the miraculous, but more importantly, the two understand the significance of an intimate relationship with the Lord. She has written three books, several songs, plays, essays, poems, and re-written the Deacons manual at (Free Gospel) and a Protocol specialist manual at (The Navy Department); all inspired by God. Her majors are Psychology & Psychiatry. Janice received her Doctorate degree of Biblical studies. She is the author of Servanthood, a book dedicated to the relevancy of the importance of serving. In order to be effectively used by God, we must first become a prayer warrior and lastly, a servant. Janice was featured in The Washington Times, Serenity Woman’s Magazine, Diamond Diva’s Magazine and the Epitome Magazine. Janice and Eugene were featured on the 700 Club which was aired in 2010 for their powerful testimony. Dr. Payne was featured on The Impact Network television with Bishop Greg Davis to talk about her second book entitled: Lord, why is there so much pain in the church?” Janice & Eugene have been married for approximately 38 years and they are the proud parents of three adult children and six grandchildren. They love to travel, minister and pray together.

Minister Twanda Adams has been in ministry for almost 30 years and loves to serve in the house of the Lord. She has a love and compassion for those who are lost and loves to witness. Minister Twanda has served in leadership throughout the years in various roles; Pastors Personal Assistant, Pastors Armor Bearer, and Teacher. Currently, she serves on the TKAM Board of Directors and as Pastors Armor Bearer. She also loves serving the community. She is a dynamic teacher of the word and has a heart for intercession. Minister Twanda wants to see those who are bound set free by the power of the Holy Ghost and accept Jesus. She is also an entrepreneur full of faith, purpose and vision. She's been the loving wife of Deacon-Elect James Adams for over 25 years.


Minister Zak L. Grace is a warrior for Christ and intercessor for her generation. She is the Founder and Executive Director at The Godfident  Woman, where she helps women see beauty from ashes out of trauma and build a spiritual confidence in God. She is responsible for leading the ministry campaign Prayer Was Here, where she manages a global prayer walk every year to reach communities to step up and pray. Starting from a young age in ministry, she's supported her mom  who paved the way for her to understand what it means to serve in the Kingdom of God. She is certified in ministry and has several outstanding achievement awards in her local community. Through her blog AuthenticallyZ, she equips single mothers with strategies to tackle motherhood. She is also the founder of Unique Editions, LLC an image consulting business that provides services to executive leaders looking to build a brand image and run a more successful business. With her magnetic presence and positive attitude she love to encourage others. She loves spending time with her 4-year old son and family, reading, writing and making creative fashion pieces.

Dr. Sharla Walker is a doctorally prepared pediatric nurse practitioner, nonprofit founder and strategist, podcaster, and author who is dedicated to helping women flourish in their faith, gifts, and God-given identity. Her podcast, Rx For Purpose, delivers the word of God in an applicable way to help women have a deeper transformative relationship with God. The show has charted globally in over 10 countries, spreading the Good News and helping women flourish in their faith. As the Founder and CEO of Hearts Over Habits, Inc., Dr. Sharla has developed innovative strategies and systems to help improve the lives of young women in at risk communities. Her medical and nonprofit knowledge multiplied into a desire to help other women build strategic and sustainable nonprofit organizations. Dr. Walker is a ‘Kingdom Building Enthusiast’, who is on a mission to equip women of God to operate 'at the top of their God ordained license' in their faith, gifts, and God given identities.

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Sarina R. Babb A native of Lakeland, Florida, Sarina moved to Tampa, FL in 2006 where she eventually met and married her husband of 13 years, Pastor Keith Babb III. After 9 years of marriage, God answered their prayers and blessed both Keith and Sarina with a bubbly baby girl named, Saria and 11 months later with a kindhearted baby boy named Kayden. Sarina received her Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of South Florida in 2012 and continued her academic pursuits by attending Liberty University and obtaining her Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling, with a concentration in Crisis Response and Trauma. In 2013, with Psalm 119:18 serving as the impetus, Sarina was compelled by God to launch His Eyes Publications, a venue where biblically-centered literature would cause believers and non-believers alike to see all of God's creation through the eyes of Christ. 

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;

1 Peter 2:9 NKJV

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