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We are expected to live a lifestyle that is above reproach, avoiding even the appearance of evil (1 Tim. 3). Being a minister, especially one who is “up front,” adds extra responsibility because people see worship ministers as examples of what a Believer should be like. Therefore, it is imperative that we consider the way we treat each other and carefully guard our hearts from impurities and pride. It is God’s desire and our desire to see the partners living a victorious life, free from bondage. If there are any addictions or issues with which you struggle, please let us know—we are here to help you, not to judge you.


The following issues should be dealt with before any public ministry position is taken; alcohol and drug abuse, sexual immorality,  a prideful attitude or anger/rage problems,  an inability to submit to leadership, gossiping and stirring up strife, an unbiblical lifestyle.

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Every contribution given to the ministry goes towards helping us obey the call of God to advance His kingdom and reach the lost and the hurting with the love of Christ!

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